Granny Za’s Ultimate Guide to Choose High-Quality Weed Products

Weed products

Cannabis dispensaries all over the country are flourishing as the weed market grows and legalization rolls out in new states periodically. This means there are more options for weed consumers to choose from when shopping for cannabis.

Like all industries, not all weed products are created equal as weed can vary in quality. Therefore, as a weed buyer, it’s essential to find out how you can identify and pick only the finest weed in stores. This article will outline several methods you can use to discern the quality of marijuana before you buy it so you can select weed that satisfies your tastes every time.

Here’s Granny Za’s ultimate guide to choosing high-quality weed products.

Buy From Reputable Dispensaries

It takes many years for businesses to earn the trust of consumers and develop a good reputation for delivering high-quality products. The cannabis business is no different as dispensaries compete with each other to pull in shoppers. The best weed stores will have high scores on review sites and positive customer testimonies because they’re known to stock high-quality weed.

Additionally, reputable dispensaries will always ensure the weed they stock is premium and enjoyable through steps such as third-party testing and quality assurance. So when looking for high-quality weed products, buy from reputable dispensaries that are legal, licensed, and follow a city’s regulation rules.

Check The Label

All high-quality marijuana bought from a dispensary will come packaged either in glass containers if it’s a liquid or semi-liquid or a flower and plastic sealed bags or tubes for other products. This helps to retain the freshness of the weed and ensures it can be kept longer for storage. In addition to this, the weed product will have a clear label printed on it that contains details about the product and the weed content inside.

Thus, when choosing high-quality weed, look out for the right labels. It should have information that includes, the types of cannabis inside, the train, the manufacturer, warning labels, the state where it was grown, and the percentage of cannabinoids and dosage instructions. If you see all of these qualities on your weed products then there’s a good chance it’s the genuine and authentic stuff.

Search The Brand

As the cannabis industry matures due to ongoing legalization across the country, more cannabis brands have emerged and will establish themselves as market leaders in the future. These are the brands to keep an eye on and investigate by conducting online searches to discover what customers say about them.

The cannabis brands that produce the best quality weed will have brand visibility such as a responsive website where it’s easy to access information about the business and recognizable name, logo, and packaging. Furthermore, the information should include where the weed is grown, whether it undergoes any lab testing, and how the brand ensures every individual weed product comes out as premium quality after processing.

Examine The Flower Colours And Buds

One of the great advantages of being a cannabis consumer is the packaging that weed is contained in allows for preinspection before you buy it. The clear packers and glass jars mean you can observe the weed’s appearance and determine its quality. While weed products come in a variety of colors and appearances to indicate freshness, there are a few common signs to look out for.


Firstly make sure to choose weed flower that is dark green with hues of white, orange, and purple hues around it. Also, take a closer look at the buds. The best quality weed will have very tiny white hairs that look crystalline on the ends. For other weed products, check that the liquid oil in tinctures is clear without any floating bits, that concentrates are the right color and texture, and that edibles are in sealed packaging with a best-before date.

Take A Whiff Of Its Scent

Cannabis is made distinct by its taste, aroma, and scent. These are the flavor profiles and qualities that make cannabis enthusiasts love weed. Naturally, high-quality weed will always have a fresh and pungent smell that can be picked up even from within its packaging. So, when buying weed, be sure that the scent has a strong skunky, sour, sweet earthy, spicy, or dank smell.

Any weed where the smell is difficult o to detect or weak should be avoided. For other weed products such as edibles may have a more muted scent than pure flower, but they should still have a freshly dank scent that blends well with the food item it’s embedded into. Weed concentrates, and extracts should have an herbal and earthy scent when you use them to indicate that it’s fresh, useable, and ready for dabbing.

Check The Price

Pricing is still a reliable method to determine the quality of weed. However, higher prices don’t automatically mean the best quality either. Several factors go into weed pricing such as growing and cultivation production, distribution, and shipment. The more difficult the cannabis is to grow such as flower and produce into a weed product such as diamond concentrate the higher the price will be in the $70-$250 range.

This is why you can count on the labels and descriptions of flowers used by cannabis dispensaries. Premium, exotic, designer, and top-shelf show that these are the ultimate in weed product quality. That said, weed priced at affordable rates such as products within the $9-$20 range doesn’t mean they’re bad taste at all. This has more to do with the type of weed strains being more common, easier, and more plentiful to grow and produce into a product.


The emergence of new cannabis dispensaries across the country means there are now more weed products than ever before to choose from. With a large variety in the market, it can be difficult to pick out high-quality cannabis from the rest.

Fortunately, as highlighted above, there are a few strategies you can utilize to find your preferred premium and delicious marijuana. Examine the packaging, smell, pricing, and color. Also, research the cannabis brands and your local dispensary to check reviews from previous customers on their quality of weed. All this can be done before you make your weed product purchase.

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